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by: Dr. David Illig  …..

    EFT/Tapping is Now Combined with Self-Hypnosis. How might Dr. Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnosis, make use of the interesting tool called EFT/Tapping? We might imagine the possibilities…




For the First Time, Dr. David Illig, is Combining EFT/Tapping and Self-Hypnosis. Just released are Two new Advanced Reduce Stress and Anxiety Programs that combine these two powerful tools of change. These programs are unlike anything done before. Not just in the method, but also in dealing with topics that nobody else addresses… but we all really should. The programs deal with deep issues that touch our fundamental nature. The programs are designed to go deep and to positively, powerfully, and gently address core issues that influence everybody.   These programs are designed for everybody, even those who believe they don’t have stress and anxiety issues. And for those people who are insightful enough to realize that they do have significant stress and anxiety issues, the programs are even more perfect. 

  Order both new programs now or just one of the two. Use in any sequence. 



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EFT & Self-Hypnosis Advanced Stress & Anxiety Reduction. 


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EFT & Self-Hypnosis Advanced Stress & Anxiety Reduction.