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by: Dr. David Illig  …..

    RightMind 2.0 Weight Loss & Fitness Strengthening has just been released.

    It works well with SuccessWorld programs on Weight loss and Fitness.

I believe RM 2.0 is the most powerful and important program I have published to date. It is a mind boggling program to say the least. Body boggling also. Use it in combination with SW programs and also with RightMind 1.0. RightMind 2.0 is ground breaking. It puts to music science and information that has never been presented in such a way. It uses high repetition and indirect programming for both information and psychological issues, at both conscious and unconscious levels. You can feel it work. Everybody concerned with healthy weight, healthy eating and healthy exercising should be using this program.  The World class music is worth the investment alone.  Check it out at or order right here at SW (RightMind 2.0). It is a two disc download or hard copy CDs. Like all SW and RM programs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  It is designed to increase the results you get from whatever weight loss and fitness program you are using. Try it, I believe you’ll love it. I recommend it strongly.