How Dr. Illig get into Subliminal Learning

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How did Dr. Illig get into The Subliminal Learning Process?

After extensive work in the area of hypnosis, I sought additional means to access the subconscious mind, the subconscious computers in every human. I began to review the area of subliminal process. Subliminal process basically means that information is presented to the brain that the conscious mind doesn’t notice, or doesn’t fully attend to. These could be visual, like hidden words or images that the conscious mind usually misses but the unconscious catches. The messages could be auditory, things we hear. A simple example is the voice that is at full volume but isn’t being noticed. Clearly part of the brain is hearing it. Another part of the brain is directing attention elsewhere. If we can get very positive messages into the brain without conscious awareness then these messages have the potential to influence our inner processes very effectively.

I was also aware that the billion dollar advertising industry constantly used “subliminal” messages in advertising and marketing. I’m not speaking of hidden messages or hidden pictures (which they actually are rumored to use) but more subtle use of words and pictures and sounds that are out of your direct attention but which are still being processed. The beautiful woman or man, just happening to be nearby the pickup truck, is no accident.

A simple “subliminal” process would be playing the hypnotic program while reading a book and not “paying attention” to the totally audible program. Clearly your brain can “hear” the program. Your conscious attention is mostly on the reading. Thus the hypnosis program becomes a subliminal program. The effects using this method are different than when using the hypnosis program by following along through the hypnotic process. However, it is another useful and valuable way to use a hypnotic audio program.

Another way to turn an audible (hearable) program into a “subliminal” program would be to go to sleep while the program plays. Part of the brain is listening. Plus this is “free” learning. You don’t want to do this too loud or all night so that your sleep is disrupted. Consult your physician or therapist if you are unsure about your sleep patterns.

I once had a long term user tell me over the phone how she had “been going to sleep with me for ten years and never heard what I was saying in the second half of the hypnotic program.” She burst out laughing when she realized what she had said. And added that; “It is one of the longest successful relationships of my life.” And she was totally sure that she received positive, ongoing benefits. But she didn’t know consciously what I was saying and was sure it was still getting easily into her brain.

The Subliminal Learning programs of SW have a number of interesting features. The subliminal messages are all healthy and positive. They also direct the listener to make healthy use of the programs. The subliminal messages are controlled so that they get louder and softer depending on the volume of the music and nature sounds. They’re just masked within the other sound. The messages are presented at a wide range of levels from soft to loud as well as in high numbers with an ongoing repeating echo.

Right and left brain messages. The SW programs have slightly different programs on the right channel versus the left channel. So with a typical stereo system you are getting slightly different messages into each ear. The reason for this is that we are somewhat “cross-brained,” that is messages going in one ear tend to impact more the opposite side of the brain. And we also have a tendency to use the different sides of our brain differently. The right brain tends to process certain things in certain ways and the left brain tends to process others things in other ways. The different channels make use of this capacity.

The subliminal messages are also addressed to different aspects of our inner psychology. There are very young “mind” and adult “minds.” There are brave “minds” and fearful “minds.” As well as many other aspects of our being. We are made up of many parts. The goal is to help all of our parts work together as a healthy team.

When I initially created the SW subliminal programs I was not exactly sure what type of results people would get. I have become convinced of their value after years of reports of very positive and powerful results. Frankly, the subliminal programs work better than you would expect. The brain does seem to “like” the approach and seems to know how to make it work for a wide variety of persons. We may not even fully understand exactly why the programs work so well, but they do work for many people. At some point I realized that the subliminal programs are at the very least acting as a very powerful hypnotic suggestion to the conscious and unconscious to find ways to help with whatever goal area you are working on. Dr. Erickson would see this as the perfect open ended suggestion to find solutions that work and put them into effect. I also have a strong sense that the essence of the therapeutic messages is much more available to the brain than what simple audio tests might suggest.

There is an area of ancient medicine called homeopathic medicine whereby traces of various chemicals are mixed with water to the extent that you can’t actually detect that the chemical is there. However, it was there initially. Its almost like the chemical only leaves a shadow of itself in the water. But many people have used such “waters” will very positive large results, even though science doesn’t fully know how it works. I believe the subliminal programs have an element of this. The messages that I create, get into the brain/mind/body, far more than some hearing test might suggest. The positive results and satisfaction people get from subliminal learning are real.


  • joy walker says:

    I stumbled upon your stress and anxiety programs in the mid 1990s and have used them on and off throughout the years. I had been diagnosed with GAD 25 years ago and struggle with it for my whole life. Your stress and anxiety program…when used consistently….has been of great help to me. In fact it’s the only thing I’ve found besides medicine, that actually makes a difference. I am now needing an extra boost and I’m looking at the deeper meditation download. I would like feedback on your thoughts on this. Thank you for your life work.

    • DrSW says:

      I appreciate your use of the programs.

      I have believed in the value of the practice of meditation for many years. That was because it had value. Now, research has finally caught up and research is also saying it is helpful for almost everything. Even the Special Forces and US Marines are using it. It is just like exercise…regular practice makes the difference. I would strongly suggest you learn (take a class…) in mindfulness based meditation technique. There are many FREE classes available from all sorts of places, from hospitals, clinics, neighborhood centers, YWCA, etc etc…. And make meditation a daily thing. There are also books and CDs on mindfulness based meditation. Jon Kabot Zinn is one of the founders. Meditation can be a totally NON religious activity…. or you can make it a part of a religious practice… I do suggest that you “allow… encourage…” it to be a “magical” process… no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs…. It adds to the power… You could use the Subliminal meditation program as a help…
      The Master Self Hypnosis program could be helpful. As would the Calm and Relaxed program.
      Dr. Illig

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