Increase Memory | Study Skills with Self-Hypnosis

Improve Your Memory and Study Skills with Self-Hypnosis

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Everyone feels that their memory is lacking at times, but there are specific techniques to sharpen existing memory and make new information more easily retainable. Making new information more meaningful and relevant to you by personalizing it will help you to recall it.

Stress, anxiety, or depression can make a person more forgetful. By performing certain organizational habits you can better prepare your brain for new information. Performing these behaviors reduces anxiety and pressure, freeing you from your stress and allowing you to focus more readily.

Most people at one time or another have thought, “I have a terrible memory.” Usually it at a time when we want to recall some detail, like a person’s name, and we cannot. Memory works like a bank. You can get to it, only if you put it there. If you did not deposit it, you cannot collect it when you need it. Most people just need to learn to “note” information so that it is easy to recall later. SuccessWorld’s Improve Your Memory CD will help you to retain information by teaching you to:

  • Become more positive. If you believe you have a poor memory and you cannot remember anything, your mind will do everything to prove you right.
  • Find interest and importance. Recall of a particular event or detail depends on the interest we take and the importance we assign to that detail or event, at the time when it is taking place.
  • Learn attention skills. The problem may not be memory; the problem may be one of attention. People, who have a good memory, pay close attention to events as they happen.
  • Become active with your memory. The more active attention you pay, the more details you observe, the more you think, reason, and comprehend, the more associations you make of what you know with what you are trying to learn, the more you will retain and be able to recall, later on.
  • Relax your mind. Learn with a relaxed mind. Recall the learned material with a relaxed mind. It is difficult to recall anything while feeling stressed out.
  • Reduce anxiety. High anxiety can impair attention and concentration, and therefore, limit the recall of learned material.
  • Manage depression. Depression can impair the interest and joy in the events surroundings us.

At the end of the first section of Improve Your Memory is a five-minute period to use for practice. Memory is very effective in the hypnotic state. This practice time will improve your ability to use hypnotic learning and memory. The last ten minutes of the subliminal learning in track 2 is a special section to be used during study periods. You’ll find the program’s material is more easily absorbed and recalled when studied using this portion of the CD. The special resonating tones, the subliminal messages and the soothing music will make your study time very effective.

Many of the suggestions used in this program involve associating new things with old things. The more you practice using mind pictures to connect things, the better results you will get. This CD’s effectiveness is increased when used in combination with the Concentration, Goal Setting, Achieving Success, and Calm and Relaxed programs.

Track 1 is a Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Program (34:16 min.). Your subconscious mind is guided to exercise and strengthen your memory. Improvements can occur immediately and increase the more you use it.

Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program (34:07 min.). You’ll develop new memory patterns that work.

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  • Dear Dr. Illig….

    I bought your cassette Relieving Stress and Anxiety…. At the time I was beset by a sudden and intense bout with panic attacks. They came from out of the blue and lasted about a year. I had never heard of panic attacks at the time and didn’t know what to think. It was very scary. I was referred to numerous doctors and psychologists and prescribed meds from calcium and beta-blockers to anti-depressants. None of it helped. I have to say that I believe it was your program that helped me the most and guided me out of that nightmare.

    Now, years later, I wanted to see if I could find a CD copy to pass on to someone else. Of course, I could still remember your name, after hearing “Hello, my name is Dr. David Illig. from Success World probably a thousand times!! However, luck was on my side and here you are, still at it and with a whole list of programs! At first I couldn’t find the Relieving Stress and Anxiety Program, but Improve Memory and Study Skills got my attention …. I turned it on and heard the same familiar introduction. It truly felt like a re-acquaintance with an old friend! This morning will be session four with that program. My practice work is Robert Frost’s, “The Road Less Traveled”. Today will complete the fourth and final verse. With the study portion of the CD being five minutes long, that will mean I memorized the poem in 20 concentrated minutes! The ability to memorize something is so empowering! On to Desiderata!

    Must say that I have tried a couple other similar CDs by other people over the years, but none have shown any tangible results. I’m really looking forward to your sleep program!

    Kathi,  Oregon