Change Your Metabolism with Self-Hypnosis

Change your Metabolism with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning

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People just like you are changing the way their body deals with food. You’ll be able to eat more food, burn more calories and build more muscle. You will reach your healthy weight and stay there permanently with more ease.

Frequent dieting can imbalance and slow down your metabolism. Your body then stores more calories into fat. The purpose of this program is to alter your body metabolism so that you will burn up more calories and build more muscle instead of fat. Your inner furnace will be taught to adjust correctly to food.

Improving your metabolism is part of a weight loss and fitness program. Exercise and activity are a necessary component of changing metabolism, so is building more muscle. Muscle building is good for all ages. Muscle is what burns calories. Improving metabolism is also about the types of food you eat and how and when you eat them. Metabolism improvement is also about convincing your body that it is safe and ok to burn up calories and fat, rather than store them for difficult times ahead. Our body and unconscious brain need to come to believe that we are not in a famine or drought or the middle of the winter when there is a scarcity of food. You can understand if your body believes there is scarcity, or going to be scarcity in the future, then it will want to store calories instead of burning them or passing them on. You instead want to convince your body and subconscious that there is enough food now and into the future. There is plenty. There is abundance. Calories can be wasted. Fat can be burned, removed, emptied.

The only way you can increase your metabolism is to have an abundant fitness and activity program that both builds and strengthens muscles and also burns lots of calories and fat. You will need to have a strong activity level. Ideally, you will also have a frequent activity plan that puts in many periods of activity, even if they are somewhat brief. Activity 15-20 minutes after meals seems to be particularly helpful. Another useful pattern for some people is physical activity shortly after a light breakfast with some protein. And at least a small amount of protein after exercise may also enhance muscle building and hotter metabolism. Long moderate exercise is better for fat burning than short intense workouts. But short intense workouts are great for muscle building. How many 5 minute workouts can you squeeze into a week without even thinking of them as exercise or work outs? Push ups, sit ups, lunges, barbells, while you watch the football game or movie? Stationary bike while watching Glee… Or dance along with a show for five minutes. Burn, baby burn … its amazing how many more calories you can burn without much time or effort.

There is also information about the types of food that enhance metabolism and large calorie burn, versus damaging storage. Generally, very processed and preserved foods harm metabolism. And generally, more complex, natural and unprocessed foods enhance. Complex grains, nuts, fruits are better than simple sugars, white breads and pastas. Some people believe high protein, high fat , low carbs work for them and are healthy and improve metabolism. Others disagree about their effectiveness and healthiness. There is consensus that large amounts of simple carbs and sugars are damaging. Complex carbs are better than simple carbs. Fresh and unprocessed foods are better than highly processed and preserved foods. There is also reason to believe that sodas and other sugary drinks are very damaging for metabolism, even when they are low or calorie free. Abundant water seems to also improve metabolism.

Part of your program will be for you to learn about metabolism, exercise patterns, fitness, foods, and eating patterns that enhance Metabolism.


Track 1 is a Self-Hypnosis Program. You are guided into a relaxed, natural learning state. Your unconscious and conscious minds are guided to adjust your metabolism, teaching your body to burn more calories. You better achieve and stay at a healthy weight.

Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program. You hear only beautiful music and ocean waves. Hidden within these sounds are specially designed messages. Your body and mind then work together to produce results.

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by: Dr. David Illig   ……… There are millions of people using Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers. It is clear that the SuccessWorld programs would add to the success of those using these plans. Self-hypnosis and subliminal learning might be too “extreme” for the corporate people at these corporations. I find that many people who are involved in “health” issues, especially at the corporate levels,  are extremely limited in their thinking and creativity and open-mindedness, especially about how humanness and consciousness is involved.  They are years behind. I understand that part of this is that research is many years behind advanced thinking. And only certain things get research attention.  So I don’t want to wait until “corporate” is creative enough to see the light.  And the food industry and media industry are very willing to use very creative and deep methods to harm us.

I know SW weight loss programs would help JC, NS, & WW members get better results. I would like see what you users of my programs could do to get members of these programs to add SW programs to their plans. How do you get Jenny Craig users to also use SW? How do you get Weight Watchers users to use SW programs? NutriSystem? And I’m curious not about what I might say or do… I’m interested in what can you users say or do with these people so that these people will give SW a try…. And also communicate through the Jenny Craig and Weight Watcher networks and social networks…. to give SW a serious try.  These millions need your help and motivation to get on board with SW.

Corporate medicine reinforces the idea that the healing process is more in the pills, the physicians, the surgeries, all outside forces.  I believe it is important to reinforce the idea that the greatest healing forces are within all of us, even when we use the most advanced techniques of modern medicine. You want your self-healing system to be activated and focused on your health and wellness.  Dr. D.