Increase Concentration & Focus with Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning

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Concentration is the key to using the brain’s incredible abilities. Keeping your mind on one topic at a time can decrease your stress level and increase your productivity. Learning and creativity also require a steady, relaxed concentration that allows your abilities to flow.
Concentration is built with practice and training, so use this program as a training tool. The recording’s resonating tones, combine hypnotic and subliminal messages, enhancing your efforts to improve concentration.
In addition to using this program, spend a few minutes every day meditating on a single thought or object. This will rapidly increase your progress. Use this program in combination with Practice Meditation, Improve Your Memory, Calm and Relaxed, Achieving Success, and Goal Setting.

Track 1 is a Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Program (35:15 min.). Hypnosis is centuries old and time-tested and new advances make it a potent, powerful and effective tool for tough problems. You are guided into a relaxed natural learning state. Positive suggestions then fill your mind. Your subconscious mind is guided to help you focus and concentrate. Practice frequently.
Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program (35:02 min.). You hear only the sound of beautiful music and ocean waves. Hidden beneath these sounds are specially designed messages. Only your unconscious mind hears these healthy powerful messages, turning them into positive feelings and improved abilities. Your attention stays clear and directed. Concentration becomes a powerful tool.

These High quality MP3 Downloads of Both The Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Sessions are now $16.

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