Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination & Becoming More Effective with Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning

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Stop putting things off so they never happen. Start doing more things right now. Get more done at the best time for them to be done. This program will help you to put patterns of procrastination behind you, regardless of how long you have used the patterns. Learn how to do things at the best time rather than putting them off until later. You will begin to do tasks immediately, more often. You will also prefer doing things now when that is the best time to get them done. This SuccessWorld program will melt old inefficient patterns and build new, more effective patterns for the present and the future. This program can be used as a tool for more effective living. Get a copy now and give yourself an edge.

Track 1 is an introduction to the program.

Track 2 is a Self-Hypnosis Program (40:55 min.). Hypnosis is a safe and natural way of learning, which uses the deepest parts of our brain and being. This is a self-hypnosis program where you are guided along both learning and un-learning paths. You will be in an altered brain state that deepens and quickens learning, healing, and change. SuccessWorld hypnotic programs all have thousands of subliminal messages playing at the same time the hypnosis program is playing. Just as in the Subliminal Learning program, the subliminal messages have both right channel and left channel messages, which are slightly different and address different aspects of your brain and of changing.
For the most powerful effects, follow along listening and participating fully. Other times you can also use this program as a sleep learning tool or a background program where you do not consciously listen. Allow your unconscious mind to listen and learn.

Track 3 is a Subliminal Learning Program (30:05 min.). As with all SuccessWorld Subliminal Learning sessions, this program includes thousands of carefully designed messages that are finely tuned for unconscious learning and healing, which are just outside the range of conscious hearing. However, they can influence your brain. They are written in the language of the unconscious. Use this program when you are doing other things, reading, cleaning, working in the yard, or even walking, running, or driving if you have determined that you can stay awake and alert while using it. It can also be use for napping, dosing, deep relaxation, or meditation. Use stereo and headphones if possible. There are two different programs playing on the right and left stereo channels. This program also has binaural tones for helping your brain go into a relaxed and calmer state.

Receive both Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Sessions in high quality MP3 downloads; Now for only $18. Buy Now