Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Reduce Stress & Anxiety with Subliminal Learning: Music & Nature Sounds.

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This popular subliminal program features the innovations in technique  used by SuccessWorld. The subliminal messages are recorded and played on stereo tracks, which are aimed at different parts of the brain. Brain research indicates that the brain has two somewhat separate and distinct hemispheres which often operate almost independently.

For most people, the left hemisphere is associated with verbal, analytical, and logical modes; the right hemisphere is associated with creative and intuitive modes. With these right brain/left brain directed messages, the most receptive part of the brain will pick up and assimilate the suggestion. Thus, change happens even more quickly for greater satisfaction.
This program contains thousands of specially-designed, positive, healthy, and safe suggestions hidden behind pleasant sounds of nature and relaxing music. You may consciously detect only a word or two, but your subconscious mind is able to pick up and act upon each suggestion for change. If you tend to be more analytical or critical in your thinking, subliminals may be especially effective for you. Since your conscious mind will not hear the messages sent, it cannot analyze or criticize. Thus, change becomes an effortless process.
Use this program in combination with the Relieve Stress & Anxiety Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Program, Practice Meditation, Creating Happiness, and Calm and Relaxed, among others.
Track 1 is a musical Subliminal Learning Program (31:26 min.). You’ll hear only the sound of beautiful music and ocean waves. Hidden beneath these sounds are specially designed messages. Only your unconscious mind hears these healthy powerful messages, turning them into positive feelings and improved abilities.
Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program with evironmental sounds (29:36 min.). These subliminal messages are masked by nature sounds of bubbling brooks, seagull calls, cricket chirps, and other restful, peaceful sounds.

Purchase both of these programs in high quality MP3 downloads for just $15.

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