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Relieve Stress & Anxiety through Self-Hypnosis

Reduce Stress & Anxiety #1 & #2 with EFT/Tapping & Hypnosis

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Combining Self-Hypnosis with EFT/Tapping in order to Reduce Stress & Anxiety is an obvious, powerful and wise match. But it has rarely been done until now. You will want to have these tools!


Dr. David Illig has combined EFT/Tapping and Self-Hypnosis in a new series of innovative self-help audio programs. These programs target stress and anxiety in an innovative, deep and powerful way, never done before. These advanced programs are designed to go deeply where typical stress programs don’t go. These programs go to places that most professionals don’t even acknowledge exist. But they exist in everybody. Everybody needs tune-ups in these areas and on these issues. What would it be like to have Dr. Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnosis, also using EFT/tapping? That is a wonderful thought to ponder at the conscious and unconscious levels.

 Get To the Sources and Causes of Stresses and Anxieties you Didn’t Even Know You and Everybody Has!

Notice: Some Stress and Anxiety audio programs are designed to give temporary relief of anxiety, tension, and stress. They provide a needed respite, a needed rest. These EFT/Hypnosis programs are different in that they are more designed to help you to go deep and work on the sources and causes and deeply held patterns that relate to stress, anxiety, and tension. The programs will go at a very slow pace that takes you deeply inside to places you need to go, but normally don’t go. It might take a little practice to adjust to the different pace and the intensity, but you are very likely to achieve deep and positive benefits.

The MEDICAL establishment falsely treats stress and anxiety as some sort of dis-ease, rather than a common response to the challenges of life. They act like its something that you fix….and then you’re good. A better way to look at Stress and Anxiety is to see it as being similar to physical fitness. Everybody needs ongoing processes that get us and keep us physically fit. Just like exercise and physical activity, humans should have tools of coping and dealing with stress and anxiety, a normal product of modern society. Both SuccessWorld and RightMind provide such tools of living.

These New and Innovative Programs, Coming to a brain/body/mind near you..hopefully yours…. Combine Methods that have worked for many people. But they have rarely been put together and the partnership is one of those relationship that is perfect together. And YOU should want to be part of this threesome!

EFT/Tapping makes use of some of the many thousands-years-old acupuncture or acupressure points and meridians on the human body to access our fields. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or some people prefer; Energy Field Technique or Therapy. “Tapping” or “EFT” is the most commonly and comfortably used name. It has been found that you can release blockages by tapping on a sequence of these body spots with your fingers, at the same time as you say or think certain types of phrases related to what you are working on, related to what might be entrapped, ensnared, entangled, frozen in human energy fields.

Clean up, Clean Out Left-Over Results of Simply Being Human and Growing to Adulthood. 

Select here to go to the Training Module to learn how to Do EFT and add it to SW and RM…. There is both a written version of the training as well as an audio version.
The training will allow you to use EFT in a variety of ways and for a wide range of issues. Some basic EFT/Tapping training is necessary to use these programs!

To learn the process of EFT/Tapping go to my blog page that gives an introductory training on the EFT process. You will need to know the basic theories as well as the specific steps of EFT before using any of my EFT/Hypnotic programs. Again, select this box in order to go through the 1 hour training process by audio and/or reading.

These programs combine techniques of EFT with hypnotic techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, father of modern hypnosis. It is interesting to think how Dr. Erickson would have added EFT to his masterful and insightful approaches. He certainly wouldn’t have thrown out his time tested methods… He would have creatively added the EFT approaches to what he did… or he would have added his advanced hypnotic approaches to what people usually did with EFT. These Advanced Reduce Stress and Anxiety programs helps you increase your ability to successfully deal with the challenges of living and to decrease how much you go into high stress states. You can learn to live at lower levels of mental, physical and even spiritual stress and anxiety.  The program also helps you to more easily and more quickly move your body, mind, & spirit out of the stress condition when you do find yourself stressed out.

Select here to go to the Informed Consent and Disclaimer for EFT-Tapping…. EFT-Tapping is almost always a safe and useful process, but like everything common sense and thoughtfulness are needed for proper use.

Three things are usually going on in a natural stress state:

  1. Your inner mind, the unconscious mind, truly believes that you are in danger. It is either getting your ready to fight the cause of the stress, run away from the cause of the stress, or it goes into a freeze state of being trapped where there’s nothing that can be done, you’re in danger and you’re trapped.
  2. The body is in a state of tension, anxiety, and biochemical imbalance and there is no outlet for these chemicals and tensions.
  3. You are overwhelmed with too much information, too much input and too much output.

Tune-Up Your Brain/Mind/Body for Healthier Living. Good Maintenance is Great Prevention!

We need to teach our unconscious mind when we are truly in danger and when we are not. We need to teach our body to only pump in all the chemicals it needs when we are actually in danger, but to not pump them in when we weren’t in physical danger. We need to teach our inner mind, our body, and even our spirit, that we are safe, most of the time.  For example, even though our conscious mind might know we are not in physical danger from getting poor grades on a test, our unconscious may react as if we are in physical, mortal danger, and it controls our body and internal chemistry. You can learn to change these responses.

Use this program in combination with the regular Relieve Stress & And Anxiety Hypnotic and Subliminal program, Practice Meditation, Creating Happiness, and Calm and Relaxed.


Which One?           I recommend you purchase both and interchange them, depending on your mood. But if you only want to start with one, which one should you start with?  That’s very personal to you and hard to predict. You’ll like them both and benefit from them both… and everybody needs both. There is no easy way to describe their differences. Perhaps a significant difference might be that II is a little more surprising and challenging, at first glance or use. Program One might be a little easier to start with, although both will feel very familiar and like good friends, very quickly. Toss a coin… its that easy.  

Download High Quality MP3s of Self-Hypnosis & EFT/Tapping for
Advanced Reduction of Stress and Anxiety, Programs I & II. III and IV are coming!

Price:$20 each. Purchase individually or together and use in any order.

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Just a heads up: Dr. Illig’s pace is surprisingly slow on these sessions compared to earlier programs. This will take you much deeper more easily and allow you to focus more on the session. Getting away from the high speed world is a benefit. Ear pods or head phones are recommended, although speakers are fine also. Finally, yes there are some nature sounds, one of which is a camp fire, which has a friendly, safe and soft crackle. It’s not a recording flaw and isn’t caused by your phone or stereo. Trust the programs………