RightMind 2.0 Weight Loss & Fitness Strengthening

Weight Loss and Fitness

Program Your Self For Healthy Weight Loss & Fitness.  Change deep Connections and Meaning to set you Free to Succeed.


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RightMind 2.0 is a Breakthrough in Mind-Body Programs.  It programs important eating, weight loss and fitness behaviors, feelings, and reactions.  It also goes to deep, and often unknown secrets within our brain and mind that relate to our eating, our weight, food, and fitness. It may be the most important program I have every created….at least so far. 

It puts to very beautiful music the concepts and ideas that make a healthy difference. It uses high repetition, indirect programming, just like the advertisors use to harm us with their ads, packaging, and marketing. But we use it for YOUR health. Your success. You rapidly become both safer and stronger in your program.

: Three strong reasons a smart and wise person like you needs RM 2.0

  1. There has never been a Program like RightMind 2.0.  But once you begin using it you will see the wisdom and common sense behind it and wish you had been using it for years.  It makes so much sense. We get bombarded with destructive food and eating brain washing and body washing. We need to have powerful programming on the healthy side. RIGHTMIND 2.0 literally puts to music ideas and information that has never been put to music before, for your benefit. 

  2. We need both conscious brain/mind and subconscious brain/mind programming. Its not enough to just have logical and rational information. Facts are not enough.  We need ideas, concepts, strategies, pictures, images, feelings and understandings to both go to our logical brains and also deeply into our subconscious brains.

  3. RM 2.0 deals with facts, issues, feelings, images, memories, connections,  beliefs, fears, doubts, behaviors, actions, etc., both on the surface and buried deeply within, both past and present.  Old barriers can melt away. Even deep meanings (what things mean…) that have been with us our whole lives can begin to change and change permanently.  For example, a second helping can go from feeling like a protective, safe and wise thing to do, to now feeling like a foolish thing that’s EASY to say no to. Now its safe and wise and easy to say NO!

Disc 1 Track 1: Explanation and Introduction of program (25 min.)  Listen at least one to three times for best understandings

Disc 1 Track 2: AWAKE SESSION (47 min.) Use by itself or doing other things such as driving, walking, running, working out, yard work, biking, lifting weight, stretching. etc.

Disc 2 Track 1: Explanation and Introduction of program (25 min.)  Listen at least one to three times for best understandings.

Disc 2 Track 2: SLEEP/MEDITATION SESSION (48 min.)  Use only where it is safe to close your eyes. Use during sleep, naps, meditation. Relaxation sessions, lying down, sitting down…..Use no more than twice during daily sleep cycle. Warning: NOT for use while operating any vehicle or where open eyes are required.

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