RightMind Weight Loss & Fitness Program. Mental programming. An Exciting New Alternative to Hypnosis and Subliminal Learning.

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Two Disc Personal Programming Package :

We have created an Audio Program to Reprogram your Brain for successful Weight Loss and Fitness. PLAY IT OFTEN Lose Weight    Get Fit  Much More Easily  Backed up by Brain Science                             It works like Healthy Magic

The RightMind program will Boost Magnify Amplify Increase the results you get from whatever weight loss/fitness program you are using.

A two disc Audio Weight Loss program that Reprograms your Mind/Brain for Easier Weight Loss and Fitness. Awake and Sleep/Meditation Programs for Healing and Growth

Give yourself the Power and Motivation to follow  and use your Eating and Fitness program more easily. Add new healthy “mental software” written by Dr. David Illig which programs your mind/brain for weight loss and fitness in new healthy ways. Change thinking, feeling, action, and your body.

Use either “Awake” or “Sleep/Meditation” programs while you are doing other things. Use Awake while working on the computer, walking, driving, reading, housecleaning, yard work, exercising, etc.  Use  Sleep/Meditation while napping, sleeping, relaxing, meditating. They work whether you are paying attention or not! Program your body and mind for weight loss.

Remove old hidden mind/brain and body “programs” which have held you back in the past.  RightMind makes it much more easy.

Madison Avenue advertising, corporate food companies and many fast food chains actually plant dangerous subconscious connections to unhealthy food products and poor eating patterns. They are programming obesity. RightMind will use the power of both your conscious and subconscious minds to defeat the influence of advertising and food companies and help you protect yourself. Use it to help yourself grow stronger and more healthy. Easily.

  • ❒ Two Programs available: One for those using any general weight loss/fitness program. The second is especially for packaged food programs such as Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers. Its makes them easier and more effective. 

This RightMind 2 disc CD’s effectiveness is increased when used in combination with the SW programs of Weight Loss I, Lose Weight II, Improve Metabolism, Achieve Goals programs.

Disc 1     Track 1 Information & Education.  Disc 1 Track 2:  Awake Programming Session.

Disc 2     Track 1 Information & Education. Disc 2 Track 2: Sleep Meditation Programming Session.


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