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+How often should I use the programs?
People vary in what works best. Frequently, is usually best. Up to a point, the more you use the programs, the more effect they will have. We recommend using a program for at least 50 total listens. If you are under time pressure, even a few minutes is helpful. But have it add up to 50 total plays. A good plan would be to use the Self-Hypnosis program 3 -7 times per week. And also play the subliminal side program once or twice per day. Experiment with the pattern that works best for you. But regular use is desirable. Avoid overdoing it.

+How much is too much use of Self-Hypnosis?
For most people under normal circumstances twice per day is probably the maximum.On the other hand, if you were sick in bed or on a health retreat, more could be fine.

+What is the best use of the self-hypnosis program? Using with awareness or while full sleeping?
With awareness. Usually the most benefits will occur from using the program in the hypnotic-state which is between full awake and sleep states. This is the altered state where you follow along with the program in the dreamy state, participating, but not in normal awake mode. Many people find they have to sit up in a comfortable position to keep from falling asleep. Others can enter the hypnotic state while lying down, without falling asleep.

+Should you play the hypnosis program while you sleep?
Some of you have found that the hypnosis side of the program can be a very effective Sleep Learning Tool! This is true. Playing the hypnosis side at a totally audible level while you sleep can increase the results you get. After all, this is the perfect “subliminal” method. Your conscious mind, awake mind, is mostly asleep. However the audible level is clearly loud enough to be heard by some parts of your brain. Most people can learn to comfortably sleep when the program is played at the level of normal conversation.

Most people would probably get best results by starting the program when they first go to bed and drift off to sleep while it plays. Others may find that it works better for them to wake up to the program. Still others have it turn on after they are sound asleep. They do this with a clock/program-player/radio alarm.

+Should you play the hypnosis program all night?
NO. This might disrupt needed sleep patterns. The brain might learn to tune it out if you play it over and over all night. I think that twice per night is the maximum for most people. Some people may find it best to do this only several times a week. Every person needs to experiment with what works best for them. Experiment. Adjust so you get the most positive results. Adjust so you avoid negative reactions.

+Can I always use the Self-Hypnosis while sleeping rather than in a more awake state?
Not ideally. Even if you get nice results with the sleep use, it is still suggested that you use the hypnosis side in an aware, semi-awake state of self-hypnosis several times per week when you can. Again, pay attention to what works best for you.

+Can everyone learn to go into a hypnotic learning state?
Anybody can do hypnotic learning. You’ll have your own style and people differ. Every day, as we go from sleep to wakefulness and vice versa, we pass through the brain-state of hypnosis. Entering and leaving daydreams is passing through hypnotic states. Everybody is already entering and leaving hypnotic states frequently. Self-hypnosis is simply gaining more self-control of the entry, and the exit. Therefore you know you can do it. Practice does improve your ability to use hypnotic learning.

+Will I always be in control of myself and able to come out of the hypnosis?
Absolutely. In self-hypnosis you are in full control and can come fully awake as quickly as you desire, whenever you desire, whenever you need to. Nothing can be forced on you. Your mind will only take what’s useful and healthy.

+Do I have to go through the entire program to get benefits each time I listen?
Working the entire program each time is certainly ideal. However, schedules sometimes prevent this. Therefore, even “listens” as small as 5 minutes can be helpful and far better than nothing. After many listens to the full program, just listening for a few minutes can bring back connections that were built during full participation. Little five minute sessions scattered throughout a day or evening can be very powerful.

+Should you use the Subliminal Learning program during sleep?
Some people also like to use the subliminal side to sleep with and that’s fine also. Particularly if you find it helps you sleep better. Some people find that alternating the subliminal and hypnosis sides works best. We suggest that twice per night should be the maximum for the subliminal program.

+Is hypnotic and subliminal learning really safe for me?
These programs are safe when used appropriately and with wisdom and common sense. Anything can be misused or overused. All of the messages in the hypnotic programs and the subliminal programs are positive messages that contribute to health. They also include messages that instruct the brain to take only those ideas that are useful and helpful to you. The messages encourage wise and reasonable use.

+Is it safe for me to use my subconscious mind?

YES, you are using it all the time anyway. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that controls your breathing, heart rate, balance, memory, hormone system, and many other bodily functions.

Our conscious mind is only a small part of our brain. Most of us use only a small part of our brain, so using your subconscious more will make more use of your resources. Many of our old, out-of-date beliefs and attitudes that hold us back are stored in the subconscious. That’s why we get stuck. Sending healthy messages to the subconscious can reverse these old programs. The more you request help from your subconscious, the more helpful your subconscious mind will be for you in your life. If you ask for healthy help, you will get it.

+Will my reactions to Self-Hypnosis vary from session to session?
Your reactions can vary. Sometimes you will have very strong reactions and other times they will feel very mild. They are different, but not better or worse. It is important to allow your reactions to be what they are. Be interested in them. Notice them. But resist the temptation to judge them as good or less than good.

+Should I use more than one title at time?
Many people find it useful to alternate several related titles in their change program. An example might be to use a program on Success or Self-Esteem while also focusing mostly on weight loss. Others prefer to just use one program at a time.

+Have these programs been tested and proven to work and have they been proven safe?
Independent research has not been conducted to absolutely prove the effectiveness of SW programs. We are not pretending that independent research has established that our programs are effective on a scientific basis. However, we do believe that scientific research does support many of the approaches and techniques that are used within the SW programs. We further believe that the SW programs are based on psychological theory that is sound.

+Should these programs be used as a substitute for medical or psychological professional care?
Absolutely Not! These programs are not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological care. Please consult with your physician if you are undergoing current treatment or believe it is required.

+Can the practice of self-hypnosis change my reaction to medications?
Possibly YES. Learning relaxation and self-hypnosis and practicing it on a regular basis may result in changing your reactions to medication. Your health care provider may need to adjust your medications if you are on any. Consult them.

+Should I use the hypnosis or subliminal program if it makes me uncomfortable or seems to have a negative effect?
Generally not, but it depends. Use your judgment. Sometimes people have some negative reactions initially because their system is adjusting to changes. It may tell us that the program is perfect for us. The adjustments take some getting used to. These sensations can show you that the program is exactly what you need. You just need to persist. An example could be so simple as being more familiar with tension than relaxation. Relaxation can be scary to somebody who has rarely experienced it. Initially there might be some fear before the old pattern is released. This would be a very good, but unpleasant reaction, that we should push through.

If discomfort or unpleasant reactions persist, then discontinue use of the SW program. You are the best judge of what is working for you. But be willing to give it a fair test and be willing to allow some feelings of adjustment to be unpleasant at first, as long as better feelings and reactions follow.

+Is Self-Hypnosis the same or different than meditation?
Yes & No… Same and different both. There are many forms of meditation. Self-hypnosis has many of the elements that are in some meditations. It’s probably accurate to call self-hypnosis just one form of meditation. Some meditations have little or no talking, thinking, images, or stories, few words. Hypnosis has all of these. Hypnosis and meditations have some similar brain wave states and some different brain wave patterns. Hypnosis is more goal-directed, more solution focused, more problem focused than most meditations. Both access brain states, physical states, that are different than the brain waves and physical states we access while reading a book or typing on a computer or texting. Both are healthy and good practices. They are both good skills to have.

+Is Self-Hypnosis a religious practice?
That would generally depend on who is answering. I can assure you that Dr. Illig was 100% clear while creating his programs that they were not addressing religious beliefs one way or another. He was 100% clear that his programs focused on healthy and healing directions, no matter the religion of the user, or the total absence of religion. Many members of different religions either are comfortable using self-hypnosis or else actually practice self-hypnosis but call it something different. The programs of Dr. Illig are purposively designed to be flexible so as to fit the healthy needs of various listeners. Members of all faiths, or no faiths have found the SW programs to be healing and helpful, useful for good purpose.

+Why aren’t the Subliminal Messages Listed so we know exactly what they are? How do we know they are safe?
Two reasons: First: Dr. Illig believes the programs are more powerful when the user doesn’t know exactly what the messages are. Dr. Illig believes that the largest value of the Subliminal Learning programs is that the conscious mind is not strongly engaged with determining whether the messages are useful or not. We don’t want the conscious mind arguing with or disagreeing with the messages. We don’t even want the conscious mind agreeing with and accepting the messages. We basically want the messages to go into our brain/body/ nervous system without conscious awareness, and without conscious judgment. That’s the whole point of subliminal learning. Furthermore, we actually want the conscious mind to wonder about what messages are there that will help with the long standing or difficult problem the user is addressing. Subliminal messages are basically a hypnotic suggestion that there are powerful messages that will make a difference. Part of the brain is sent off to SEARCH for helpful messages that will make a difference. Additionally, Dr. Illig has written the messages so that they are very flexible for each person, and also very useable by the subconscious brain.

+How we know they are safe?
Dr. Illig used his professional judgment in designing the messages and how they are presented. Even when a producer does list what the messages supposedly are, the listener doesn’t know whether those are the real messages or not. It still comes down to an issue of TRUST. You will either trust Dr. Illig’s work or you don’t. Giving you lists really won’t answer the question about trust. Trust is more of a feeling, than it is a thought. You basically should trust yourself to sense and decide whether Dr. Illig’s work can be trusted or not. You should follow your conclusion on that. We respect your decision. No amount of lists of subliminals can really achieve this. Finally, having the self-hypnosis programs, written and recorded by Dr. Illig, gives you a very good chance to evaluate him and how much you can trust him. Having both the audible self-hypnosis programs, in combination with the subliminal programs, is a real advantage that SW programs have over other subliminal publishers. After listening to a self-hypnosis program of Dr. Illig, you can answer your questions of whether you can trust his subliminal programs. You can.