Self HypnosisTestimonials

+Now That was EFFORTLESS success. Thank you RightMind 2.0.

Ok Dr. Illig, I just stepped off the scale and I owe you a thanks. Allow me to tell a quick story, and you’re welcome to use this as a testimonial. First, I am a skeptic, ok, was a skeptic that hypnosis could actually do anything more than put me to sleep. I am a truck driver, and I use several self hypnosis MP3’s to help me go to sleep. Since I keep such strange hours and the hours of service requirements that truckers have to go by, we have to sleep at odd times. So even when I’m not sleepy, I absolutely have to rest on my 10 hour break, or I risk staying up for over 24 hours straight. Therefore, I need help to get to sleep sometimes.

I have been using your recordings for exactly that purpose since I started driving back in 1992 and they have worked wonders for me. I get to the point in your programs where I hear: “Hello, this is Dr. David Illig of SuccessWorld (or Rightmind Programs)” and that’s it, pow! I’m off to sleep. My brain is so well conditioned to associating your voice with sleep time that I almost instantly fall asleep.

Ok, for the current situation. I was looking for something new to listen to, so that I could sleep well, and I thought of you, since I had used your programs in the past. I got the email about how revolutionary your new Rightmind 2.0 is and I decided; what the heck, Ill give it a try. I don’t really need to lose weight, but if it works, losing weight certainly won’t hurt me. I downloaded the program and began using it a few months ago and it does exactly what I bought it for, put me to sleep.

But what I didn’t expect was to lose any weight. I had no intention of losing weight and I didn’t even listen to your introduction tracks, nor did I listen to your awake session. I just needed to be able to sleep… Well, I just got off the scale after my shower and I now weigh 211 lbs. I weighed over 240 just two months ago when I started listening to your new program. I did absolutely nothing consciously to lose weight or exercise, ok well maybe I’m walking a bit more now but anyway, my pant size was a tight 38. I can now fit into a pair of 33 jeans and wear them all day. They are a bit tight still, but hey, I can get my big butt into them.

So, whatever you have learned and applied to Rightmind 2.0 certainly works, take it from a former skeptic, and from someone who didn’t even care to lose weight!

Thanks again,    Ed 

+I would like to tell you of how your program affected a Jr. High class in Florida.

I was a substitute teacher and I had a good class except for the usual two pals who cause a lot of commotion. One day I decided to strong arm them all – the two disrupters’ of course – to forcibly listen to one of your programs on how children can learn to think like those who are successful. I didn’t give them a choice of whether to listen or not. I said if they didn’t want to listen they could do an enormous homework, so they stayed. I played the program… they left.

The next day I entered the class and with one look at them I said to myself where am I. All these kids were sitting at their desks with their hands folded in front of them and were grinning from ear to ear. They asked me to play the program again. At the same time a blustering assistant principal called me out of class and told me never ever to play that program again, that a parent had objected to it. I went back to class and the children literally begged me to play the tape. I told them I couldn’t. After class they came up to me and again begged me to play the program. All I could do was tell them where to buy your program.

The objection was by a Baptist who objected to the word “hypnosis” which was of the devil. I spoke to the girl of the parent and asked her about mind programming. She was actually in an athletic program that used mind programming; it was just the word hypnosis that was objectionable.

Your program profoundly affected those children. And I am convinced that the answer to the difficulties that children have in making the brain wave adjustments from youth to adulthood could be immeasurable helped by meditation and mind programming. I know that even at 16 children are able to integrate out of body experiences and other phenomena quite easily, but later is it lost in social conditioning.

Thank you again for your input to the world, it does have an effect.

Joan, NYC

+Dr. Illig Relieve Stress and Anxiety Audio Program.

“My husband purchased one of Dr. Illig Relieve Stress and Anxiety audio program many years ago. My husband suffers from Anxiety attacks. I had to take him to the ER several times because I thought he was having a heart attack. But it was Anxiety.

After finding Dr. Illig Relieve Stress and Anxiety audio program within the first time of using the program my husband could relax and deal with life again. He never took any medication for his anxiety we just felt that RX would only cover up any troubles and not help him deal with his anxiety.

My husband John found that just the sound and tone of Dr. Illig voice would calm him down. He sleeps better, and can get though the day.

Yes, he still listens to the program when he has an attack, but this year he was diagnosed with bladder cancer has had tumor removed and is going though chemo. Again the audio program has helped him get though the rough spots.

When John feels better, I feel better, so you can say Dr. Illig program has saved both of us”.

Kathleen and John

+I bought the audio program for building Confidence and Self Esteem

Dear Dr. David Illig,

Many years ago when I was about to face a divorce and raising 3 small children as a single parent, I found your audio program in an obscure stationary store in Gresham OR. Having little information about hypnosis, but seeing the words, Self Esteem, I bought the program for building confidence and self esteem, and listened to them every night while dropping off into an exhausted, grief-driven sleep. Needless to say my self esteem was nil, I felt frightened of the future, and traumatized because of the divorce.

The changes were subtle at first, and then more concrete as I found my life far simpler and less anxious after the difficult drama-ridden marriage. Also, raising the children by myself proved to be a wonderful experience where I developed my own identity, and found myself delighted in the process. I know your program had a lot to do with our success, both mine, and my now grown children, all successful adults both inside and outside.

A couple of years ago I found myself beginning another cross roads in my life, a bridge to effective maturity (growing older). Needing your programs again, but being unable to find anything on the web except an email address, I sent a request by mail. You can imagine how thrilled I was when just today, I found your website, and not only new downloads, but the old ones I used to bridge the last crossroads long ago. I love the voice, and the music. Even if hypnosis doesn’t work, what I hear when I listen to the downloads, beats any negative self talk I’ve been hurting myself with lately! I happen to believe that hypnosis, and especially your programs do work. I will be sure to download at least one topic per month.

Thank you for still helping all of us, again and again.


+5 Stars for the Stop Smoking Audio Program by Dr. David Illig

I purchased this program many years ago. I was hopelessly addicted to smoking and had tried and tried to quit to no avail. I purchased the program and began to listen as he prescribed. It was no pressure & no stress whatsoever. When it became time to quit, about 5 weeks after I first began listening, I did so with no difficulty at all and each day I felt better and better. The main adjustment I had to make was how to channel all my new found energy. This program had a profound effect on me and now many years later I am still smoke free and feel very proud that I was able to accomplish smoking cessation. I even thought something might be wrong with me because I had virtually no withdrawal symptoms. I spoke with another doctor who specialized in treating addiction and he smiled and told me that I had stumbled on a little known fact…that the mind is more powerful than the physical body and any drug. Dr. Illig helped me make up my mind and there has been no looking back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

P. S. I came to the web to find Dr. David Illig for another issue because I had such great success with the Stop Smoking Program.

I’m a believer,
Dee Dee

+I purchased your Lose Weight: Change your Metabolism audio program.

“Several years ago, I purchased your “Lose Weight: Change your Metabolism” audio program. Unfortunately, at that period in my life, things were just too hectic and unsettled for me to really focus on myself. But Yureka! Last month, I was going through a box in my storage shed and “rediscovered” the program. I have been listening to it daily for 27 days and it has totally changed my life. Not only have my eating and excercise habits changed completely, but I am now free of the lower back pain that I have lived with for years. I have boundless energy and such a positive attitude about life now.

I have always been a believer in hypnosis and have used self-hypnosis programs before.

I was so delighted to find your website because my next adventure is to quit smoking. I am positive I can do so with your help. So, I have ordered the another program.

Thank you so much, Dr. Illig. You have definitely improved my life.


+Dr. Illig's audio programs are a cut above the rest!

I have been using your Relieve Stress and Anxiety for many years. The program is like a best friend when the stress levels go beyond a reasonable threshold and it always works! I’ve also loaned it out to friends over the years in their moments of crisis and it always helped! As a matter of fact it has been difficult getting the programs back from them. I have few stories that I wont bore you with now which are testimonies to the “good” of the work your doing in the world.

I am somewhat of a “veteran” after having listened to many hundreds of audio programs and lectures over the years. Your programs are a cut above the rest! They are powerful, healing and exceptionally well produced and written. They are actually the best I’ve come across. So I offer my deepest gratitude to you for your high standards and for your wonderful work!

With the deepest respect and gratitude,

+These programs work if you believe in yourself

“I first heard about David’s audio programs many years ago at Tower Records in Honolulu, HI. I bought the Self-Confidence program to help me overcome my fears of surfing very large waves in Hawaii. After using this program twice a day for a couple of weeks, I was CHARGING the biggest waves mother nature could muster up. I just had NO FEAR out in the water. I was actually wishing the waves were bigger. I was unstoppable.

I also used the Peak Performance in Sports program for improving my musical performance on my drums. Drumming takes a certain amount of athleticism, so I figured, “What the heck?” My drumming, timing and confidence improved there as well. These programs work if you believe in them and if you believe in yourself!”


+I'm a more successful performer as a result...

“I spoke with you about a little over a year ago…and told you how much you have helped me with your programs.  I guess you could say I am an “old timer” customer..

I used them often before I went to sleep..and I must say that always before going on stage I have “squeezed my left hand”…to overcome performance jitters…and it has worked so very well.  So, “Baby..take a bow!”

You seem to have an amazingly insightful and gentle nature that is so very unique and comforting…and I want to thank you.  Your voice is like that of an old friend…and I love to hear your programs…     I never tire of them.

Interestingly enough, I have found that by listening over and over…I seem to focus better…and internalize what I may have glossed over before.  Newer things…or I suppose what I am trying to say is…”aha” moments…seem to spring up…that seem like new…I guess they just “sink in” more.

Anyway, LOVE your programs, so very happy that you do this.  SO, A BIG THANK YOU!!!!  Keep making programs, okay?

Much Happiness!  Marilyn”

+Large but simple benefit from Relieve Stress & Anxiety

“….I can tell you a benefit from your reduce stress cd. Seems I just can’t get to sleep without it. Better than drugs. As soon as I start to listen, I’m ahead of the relaxation dialog and off I go….”

+Self-Esteem and Assertiveness make a large difference.... thanks

“….Dear Dr David Illig,
I am e-mailing you too thank you for your work.  I have several of your CDs.  I have found them to get an answer to prayer.  I started with the Self Esteem program several  years ago.  Because of it, I can accept love even when I’m feeling bad.  It has helped me in more ways than I have time to explain.
More recently, I have been using the CD “Becoming more Assertive”.   I bought it because I needed to learn assertiveness very quickly.  I work in an environment with aggressive coworkers who were creating severe problems for me.  My boss told me they were doing it because I was passive.  I prayed about it and then looked up your website.  You always had good products.  I bought the CD and used it daily.  I even shared it with the other passive coworker there.  The two of us started to feel better and handle the situation better.  It even took out the pain of being verbally attacked.  I am thankful to God that the situation is now turning around.  I am currently working on skill of forgiveness.    Thank you so much for the excellent products you produce!

+Relieve Stress & Anxiety saved me.... Now I'm having fun with Improve Memory.... thanks

“Dear Dr. Illig….I bought Relieving Stress and Anxiety…. At the time I was beset by a sudden and intense bout with panic attacks. They came from out of the blue and lasted about a year. I had never heard of panic attacks at the time and didn’t know what to think. It was very scary. I was referred to numerous doctors and psychologists and prescribed meds from calcium and beta-blockers to anti-depressants. None of it helped. I have to say that I believe it was your program that helped me the most and guided me out of that nightmare.

Now, years later, I wanted to see if I could find a CD copy to pass on to someone else. Of course, I could still remember your name, after hearing “Hello, my name is Dr. David Illig. from Success World probably a thousand times!! However, luck was on my side and here you are, still at it and with a whole list of programs! At first I couldn’t find the Relieving Stress and Anxiety Program, but Improve Memory and Study Skills got my attention …. I turned it on and heard the same familiar introduction. It truly felt like a re-acquaintance with an old friend! This morning will be session four with that program. My practice work is Robert Frost’s, “The Road Less Traveled”. Today will complete the fourth and final verse. With the study portion of the CD being five minutes long, that will mean I memorized the poem in 20 concentrated minutes! The ability to memorize something is so empowering! On to Desiderata!

Must say that I have tried a couple other similar CDs by other people over the years, but none have shown any tangible results. I’m really looking forward to your sleep program!

Kathi,  Oregon..”